The Dream Thief

Malcolm Jones is a dream thief; one of twelve powerful immortals set upon the world at the dawn of time for a single purpose: control the erratic nature of man’s free will.

But Malcolm has failed. He failed to erase the entirety of a dark, twisted seed of a dream that will blossom into an unholy idea, damming the world. Now, armed only with his target’s name and disconnected fragments of humanity’s impending doom, Malcolm must rely upon his instincts, his fellow dream thieves, and the aid of a few trusted humans to prevent this future from playing out.

Will he stop it in time? Find out in The Dream Thief, book one in the Hands of Time series.

The Dream Awakened

Malcolm Jones has been given a glorious gift. The mysterious creators transformed him into a human, now able to enjoy all the things previously denied to him as immortal dream thief.
He is finally free, but as soon as he spreads his wings a new threat looms over his brothers and sisters.
Aelia, the prior Librarian, has dropped off the radar and now previous targets are being murdered all over the world.
Malcolm is pulled back in and sent to investigate the latest murder and discovers he isn’t quite as human as he thought.
Working with one of the other dream thieves, Malcolm must learn the limits of his new abilities and find who is murdering old targets before the world discovers the dream thieves exist.
Follow along in The Dream Awakened, book two in the Hands of Time series.

Coming September 2, 2021