Out of the Shadows

Ora has always been on the run. As a witch in hiding, she’s had no choice. Moving from city to city with her mom kept them safe but didn’t leave room for friendship.

One day Ora is caught using her magic, but not just by anyone. A young wizard named Will from the world she has been running from catches her.

Instead of discovering her secret, Will assumes she is like him. For the first time Ora is able to be herself and have a friend. But as their friendship grows, Ora risks capture if she is discovered, but really what’s the worst thing that could happen?

Across the Veil

Ora Stone is a witch in hiding from the others of her kind. Only she has no idea because her memories were erased for her protection.

On her first day of college the amulet blocking her powers was lost. In an accident she used a levitation spell-outing herself and summoning protectors from Conjuragic to investigate who broke the concealment code. After some aggressive interrogation Ora confessed and was arrested and taken to Conjuragic to stand trial for her crimes.

While in prison she has to work with her defender to rediscover her past and prove her innocence. But just when Ora thinks all hope is lost, she discovers her family’s secret, which is at the heart of a conspiracy within the political world that has been brewing for decades. Her true capabilities are revealed, and she must decide to fight back risking her family’s exposure or leave her fate in the hands of the tribunal.

Over the Bridge

Ora escaped from Conjuragic. Barely avoiding the terrible fate the tribunal sentenced her to after her trial. Now back in the human realm, racing across the world to find allies to train her to use her forgotten powers, and avoiding the Hunters.

As Ora tries to master the power within, a greater challenge lays ahead. But only if she can convince others to join her cause, heal her broken heart, and cross over the bridge from victim to hero.

Into the Fire

Ora has returned to Conjuragic, along with the Gayden army, determined to thwart the overwhelming prejudice in the magical realm and stop the sinister Master who wishes to rule them all.To do so she must wage a deadly war, battling the strongest fighters Conjuragic has to offer, while striving to protect those she loves. As the war grows bloodier, Ora discovers her true strength, but can she control the raging inferno of her power before it destroys everything and all is lost?