The Phoenix- Predators in Petticoats :

She wears many faces and answers to many names. Hunting criminals with telepathy or a spear. Seeking revenge for herself or others. Protecting her family, or destroying it. Because of her, hearts break and mend. Glass ceilings shatter. The final thread is cut.

Young and old, fearsome and powerful, they wield art, science, and magic to fight fate, deity, and death. These women are predators.

Predators in Petticoats collects twenty-five original tales of flesh, blood, and bone.

Featuring new stories by:
Jeanne Adams
Natania Barron
R. S. Belcher
Tonia Brown
Cecilia Dominic
Susan Griffith & Clay Griffith
John G. Hartness
Seanan McGuire
Nancy Northcott
Jody Lynn Nye
Cat Rambo

And introducing new stories by:
Aubrey Campbell
Vince Carpini
Epiphany Ferrell
R. James Gauvreau
S. Gepp
R. Z. Held
Jessica Lévai
M. Lopes da Silva
Leann M. Rettell
Ken Schrader
Lucy Stone
Ash Tudor
Calandra Usher

Bacon in the Sun

Angel’s Guide

Plots and Poison